Thursday, December 6, 2007

Where are the Medicals?

Since we received the photos on Friday, Nov. 9, we had all weekend to fuss about the medicals and how we could hopefully see them on Monday. Being the freakshow that I am, I worried about everything. I scrutinized his photos. I tried to look for signs for FAS because surely I am qualified to diagnose this, based on all my experience, which was a whopping ZERO. I thought maybe he didn't have hands because in the photos the sweater he was wearing were 5 sizes larger than him and his hands were hidden. And what about feet??? I could go on....

In the meantime, we contacted the University of Washington to schedule a review of the referral. I sent them the photos and told them we would send the medicals as soon as we got them, which we thought would surely show up by Tuesday.

By the time we got the medicals on Sunday, Nov.18, over a week after we received the photos, I have worked myself up to a panic that the reason the medicals weren't coming was because there was something seriously wrong. I've also managed to antagonize the nice coordinator at the University of Washington because for some reason, I thought they should hold our spot to review the info with Dr. Bledsoe even though all she had were photos. I know, I know, not my best moment. Thanks to Bill, he took over the communications with everyone for a while so I can chill out.

When the medicals showed up, I expected scary stuff. We saw nothing but measurements. APGAR score, head circumference, birthweight, etc. and then the measurements again at 7 weeks. No medical diagnosis. What??????? How is that possible? I thought all kids coming from the former Soviet Union got these scary medicals? Now I thought they were ommitting stuff because there were things too horrible to disclose.

Fortunately for us, Dr. Bledsoe became available to talk to us prior to us leaving for Connecticut for Thanksgiving. We had a conf call with her the morning of the 20th and she felt really good about our referral. She had other questions but given the info we had, she was very optimistic about him and thought it was a good referral. She said if it were her, she would travel to meet him.

So, we accepted the referral. And we had the best Thanksgiving ever, as we certainly had a lot for which to be thankful.

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