Monday, December 24, 2007

In a Blink of An Eye

By our second day, we felt a remarkable difference in the way our boy reacted to being held by us. He was more engaged, making more frequent eye contact and smiling a ton more, especially when Bill made faces and funny sounds. He got used to the flashing mommy cam as well, so he no longer flinched so much when I took photos. I told Bill that we better start him early because it will only get worse for him. I intend to be that annoying mommy that follows her kid with a camera all over the place.

On Friday, our 3rd and final day of our visit, our luggage finally came. I was ecstatic because I was able to give him the crocheted blanket that I made. We were also able to leave the couple of small toys. Although I know that these things may not be there when we come back for him, I was OK knowing that he may have enjoyed them that day and that in his baby understanding of the world, I hope he knows we love him and will be back for him soon.

Our afternoon visit with him was magical . It had been snowing all day and the light and the trees outside framed by the window was just perfect. It was such a tender moment for us and it took my breath away a little bit to watch Bill holding D by the light of the window as both of them looked out. I'm really a sucker for unintended portraits and even though I can't quite post photos of him yet until the paperwork is finalized, you'd have to trust me on this one and then wait a few weeks to see the actual photo.

Since the afternoon of day 1, D has gotten comfortable falling asleep in our arms. On the afternoon of day 3, he was showing all the classic signs of fussiness that comes before the nap. I was getting very choked up as this was happening because I knew we were saying goodbye for a few weeks. I think he felt this vibe from us and would not allow himself to go to sleep. I just held him and he kept yawning and smiling at me and I just kissed him while tears streamed down my face. I think I actually felt my heart tear when I followed him into the baby room where Gulia, his orphanage mommy put him down and motioned for me to come put the blanket down for him. I guess the tears streaming down my face gave it away. Gulia looked like she understood and just gave both Bill and me a hug, as if to say he is in good hands until you come back for him.

And so the end of the 3 days with D passed in a blink of an eye, or more like a pair of puffy tear soaked eyes.


Unknown said...

OK... you made me get teary... I think I would've gone mental if I'd had to leave the boys after meeting them. I had sent them lovey blankets before we travelled and while Beckett's was destroyed because of washing, Xander's was still intact and since X was super attached to his photo album that I had sent, he let B have the lovey. B still sleeps it... I think it helped him initially be ok with being with us since it smelled like Bishkek to him. He has a couple other silkie soft blankets now, but he shows a preference for that original one.

I say all of that to say, I hope the blanket makes it until you go back for pick up. It'll be a great memory for him I think :)

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Such a great description. i can't wait to see the pic of them looking out the window. I hope you return soon.