Friday, December 28, 2007

Juggling the Loose Ends and Other Annoying Tasks

Well, now that we've been back about a week, it's time to crack the whip on the remaining annoying "document" type tasks still hanging over our heads.

Vermont Document Certification from the Secratary of State for our Marriage License: finally received by The Assistant Stork yesterday and our dossier is now at the state department. Yay!! Now they just have to do what they need to do so we can get those docs to Kyrgyzstan.

I-171 approval: Now this is a little more challenging. We never received an acknowledgement with a case number after we submitted our application. The only thing we have received is a packet containing the 2 fingerprinting notices and a letter that lists a bunch of boxes that if checked, we will have to supply. None were checked. The receipt for the $830 fees we paid was attached but there was no case no. That's when Bill figured out that we were missing one piece of paper that holds the golden numbers. Crap, now we will have to figure out how to get that number. We called Dr. Woo for help and he suggested we called the FBI to see if our fingerprints have been sent to the CIS office. They were sent on Dec. 8. So now, I don't know what the next step is. We will need to wait for Dr. Woo to call the US-CIS office in San Francisco to see if he can find out where our paperwork is in the process.

International Post Placement Agreement: We will need to sign and get this doc notarized so we can send it Adoption Alliance.

Bills to pay: Paid the remaining AA fees, plus the doctor consult with the University of Washington. Hmm, I wonder how much more moolah will be required until we get D home.

With Eyes Wide Open: Oops, we never actually completed the online classes. I'm almost done so I guess I'll get this going again this weekend and finally get the certificate of completion. It's not that I wasn't reading anything else, I was actually on to the baby books. Pressure is on from our family and friends to start the baby registries so I've been trying to figure out what new parents need.

Well, I am going to be an adult and deal with the not so fun tasks so that I can go on to the more exciting stuff, like baby shopping and minor home remodeling. Not the most exciting post but so it goes.


mel@livvyloowho said...

You will get through those things in no time. You have great motivation in your little one:)

Ivy Lee said...

Thanks for the vouch of confidence, Melissa. We are actually floor shopping today so we can get that done before the baby comes.

Unknown said...

All that paper work will be a distant memory soon :) You've got little D and the memory of holding him and seeing him to power you thru :)