Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby K's Photos Made My Day

On day 3 of our visit with D, I got an email from a woman on the Kyrgyz Adoption Internet Group who asked me to take photos of her possible referral. She gave me her baby girl's name and told me she was 6 months old. While at the Bishkek Baby House, I asked about her. Our coordinator Saule was willing to help me but told me there wasn't a 6-month old there with that name. Perhaps, Tokmok but not Bishkek. At the same time, there was a baby who was about 1 1/2 years old with that same name. Saule told me she was going to an Adoption Alliance family and asked that I tell Karen at AA about her and to send her any photos I took. But because I asked about a 6-month old, we didn't think we found the baby K about whom I asked.

A few days ago, I responded to the email from my internet friend telling her I was really sorry I didn't find her baby. I really hated sending that email. Then, I sent the photos of the older baby to Karen at AA. Today, I got an email from my interent friend asking if I was the one who took the photos of baby K that Karen at AA sent her. Of course, looking at the email forwarded to her, I saw that it was the exact email I sent Karen and those were the photos I took. She was her baby. I don't know how the age got mixed up but who cares? That was her!!

I guess I should have known that it was too strange that I found a girl with the same name, but I didn't know for sure if that name is very common in Kyrgyzstan. That name could have been what "Jennifer" is to Americans.

Anyway, my internet friend, if you are reading this post, I loved getting your email and seeing that it was her after all. It really made my day and I am very very excited for you.

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Sloan said...

Isn't it wonderful how this yahoo group makes the world of Kyrgyzstan adoption seem so small! I love reading your blog Ivy! And thank you for your sweet comment on mine! By the way, you've been tagged! Check out my blog to find out what that means!