Saturday, December 29, 2007

since we've been gone - and back

While we were in Kyrgyzstan Ivy and I would sleep for a few hours, then wake up and go visit D, have lunch, visit D and go back to the room and sleep for a few hours, wake up and login, then sleep for a few hours. We did that for three days, then spent two days traveling on planes - pretty much the same - a few hours sleep, wake up, eat, watch movie, sleep a few hours...

So now I find myself at home and unable to maintain my 9 - 5 because I REALLY wanna nap in the afternoon. Fortunately I took three weeks off and don't have to be back to work until Jan 2nd. I have been awake all day - since 10:30 - and am trying to stay awake until at least 11 pm. Hoping I can sleep through the night and not be wide awake from 2:30am to 6am. If D had come home with us , that would not be such a bad thing - but I can't maintain this schedule until he gets here.

Yesterday I was trying to make it all the way through the day but I was watching videos of D and he was yawning and falling asleep and , well - I didn't make it.

But tonight I will, and tomorrow I will wake up at a reasonable hour - before 1pm - and reaquaint myself with the whole day.

We were shopping today for baby stuff - of all those babies they use as models, only one or two are as cute as Dylan (well, yes, I am biased, thank you). I was thinking he could pay for his own college fund, Ivy immediately poo-pooed that idea. OK - daddy rule one - no hawking out the child for income. Wonder how many other rules there are? Ivy will let me know I am sure.

So, Ivy and I were wondering how long we wait until taking D boating. I am sure the whitewater has to wait until he is at least 6 or 7, same with scuba lessons, but we can take him seakayaing earlier. He can sit on my lap if we go in calm water. Sailing we can do sooner - larger boat, much harder to get (fall) out of. Then we had a shocking moment of trepidation - what if D doesn't like water? There is a big lake in Kyrgyzstan, but otherwise the place is landlocked. I don't think the orphanage gives him baths - just showers. DANG!!! OK - too soon to panic. We'll take baby strokes - like doggy paddle - in a half full sink, work him up to laps in the bath tub. See how he likes that. What if he doesn't like the outdoors at all? What if we loose him to the gaming rooms - holding his blankie, playing Dance,Dance Revolution for quarters? Or worse, hawking Skee-Ball tickets for toys. AHHHHhhhhh - the nightmares are starting already.

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