Sunday, December 16, 2007

Being Sick Before Travelling Sucks!

So, today is Sunday, the day before we get on a plane to hold our precious D for the first time, and much to my chagrin, I'm sick!!! I woke up today with a runny nose. I was hoping it was just allergies but no such luck. In the last 3 hours, I'm sure Kleenex made some major profits on me. So did Emergen-C and Oscillococcinum. And yet, I continue to feel worse as the day goes on. Maybe it's time to hit the drug store for some harder stuff.

I suppose I should have expected this. I haven't been sleeping or eating well. I'm all nerves about the trip. I'm so excited, I can barely function. Everything I have done in the past month has been all about getting ready for the day we meet D. It has taken me everything I got to stay focused and keep up at work.

My body is throwing a temper tantrum, yelling at me loud and clear. But timing is just all bad. Couldn't it have tried to tell me this last week or something? Well, I guess I wouldn't have listened anyway. This always happens. I go and go and go, then when I have a chance to slow down a little bit, that is when my body decides it wants to teach me a lesson. I should know by now to be better to myself, but hindsight is always 20-20, and I am a knucklehead. Good combination.

It's not so much that I am worried that I will be travelling while sick and be feeling miserable during the long flights. I'm sure that will suck, but the thing that really worries me, is that I will not get over this before Wednesday, and I don't want to be sick and be around the babies. What if they don't let me hold D?? Oh the anxiety just never ends for a worrier.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Hopefully, you will feel better real soon. Maybe you can catch up on sleep on the flights :)

Hilary Marquis said...

Bring on the O.J.! And sleep on that LOOONNGGG plane ride :) It will be fine. If it makes you feel any better, Anara had a cold when we got there to meet her, so you may not be the only one feeling a little under the weather. 'Tis the season ya know ;)

Suzanne said...

Ivy, I hope you're starting to feel better. I'm sending good vibes your way. And I hope you have your ride worked out from the Bishkek airport. Let me know if there's anything I can do from this end to help out with anything - phone calls, whatever. Just email me directly at I check email all the time.