Sunday, March 2, 2008

Perhaps No News Is Good News

We are are still waiting for our I-171H to come through. Our homestudy agency was advised that they had everything they needed from us. I looked on the CIS website to see what months they are processing and it looks like our CIS office is now getting caught up to their normal timeframe so we think it will be any day now.

So the one ridiculous thing I have to write here so I can look back and laugh one day is that the email I sent almost 2 months ago to the CIS was answered. It was a generic answer stating that our application is being processed in the timeframes expected and that their Service policy is to work on applications in the order they were received. Convenient. I wonder why they feel like they have to stick to that policy, but not the other one regarding responding to emails within 36 hours, which is after all, what their auto reply states. Oh, I forgot, their autoreply also states that they process I-600's within 60 - 90 days. Go figure.

As for the Kyrgyzstan side of things, our dossier has been there for about 3 weeks. Our coordinator went to court a couple of Fridays ago only to find that the judge was out sick. Aaaghhh! So, she was supposed to try again this past Friday.

As Americans, I know for a fact that we feel that it is important for us to know what is going on at every step of the process. I understand that other cultures aren't necessarily on board with that. We are used to getting information, whether it be straightforward or not, and getting it fast. And I know that other families who have BTDT know better than me. They know that this is part of the international adoption process, part of the rollercoaster ride. But I just can't help but wonder, 1) why there was not anyone else to cover for this judge on the day he was out sick, and 2) why it would take a whole week to try and go to court again. As someone wrote to me, for all we know, they could be going at lightning speed compared to the way it was when it was still the USSR. Am I just a pushy, impatient, self-centered American?

As of yesterday, Karen hasn't heard a word so we are hoping that no news is good news. Hopefully this means all went fine. We are keeping our fingers, toes, eyes, hairs, legs, and arms crossed. But honestly, anyone who has ever tried it can tell you, it's hard to keep that up for an extended period of time, especially crossing your eyes.

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Gen 's Family Story said...

No, you are not a selfish american, you are a mommy that wants her baby!! Good Mama Bear. I'm a mommy who wants to protect my baby when I had a fight with the ss office to get him a number as a citizen. At least you didn't get kicked out of the office. (the manager came out to help me after hearing this guy yell at me)
I'm glad you are going to court!! I hated the wait time too!! It's not too fun. The day is coming:) hint to start preparing because the way the i171h is going you are going to get travel dates right before you have to leave! That's what happened to us...