Sunday, March 2, 2008

History of the Hot Rocker

To answer some questions and give a little more relevance to why we also love this rocker, yes, it is custom upholstered. My Aunt Linda is an interior designer and had some leftover fabric from a large project. It's actually an outdoor fabric so no need to scotchguard it for spills and other messy stuff. It's pretty soft though so you would never guess that it is a fabric that was made to withstand the elements, including one little boy who we are certain will do his best to leave his mark. As for the rocker itself, that came from Uncle Bob, Aunt Linda's fiance. He has 2 really awesome girls and they are now 9 and 11. This was their rocker when they were babies. The rocker was sitting in their garage with the old fabric on it. Obviously it has not been used in years. When the girls learned about D, and their dad offered this rocker to us, the girls were so excited to give their old rocker to him. So, long story short, the rocker got reupholstered with this rockin' fabric and what is old Americana style furniture got a new more updated and "funky" (as Jamie phrased it) look.

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Gen 's Family Story said...

That's great! I had to pay money to get a boring green one that matches the color of the baby room.