Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blankets for Babies

I have made (crochet and knit) several baby blankets over the course of the 12 months. I think it helps me calm down at night after I get home from work. Those quiet moments when your head can really get the better of you. It is even more helpful now through this really difficult period of delays.

I just finished 2 more blankets and I wasn't inspired to make another for D. After all, how many blankets does one boy need? I needed a new purpose.

I wrote my new friends who are also going through the same thing with the courts in Kyrgyzstan. We are all waiting for the good news and are hoping to travel together. These 2 ladies have been so essential to my sanity this past few weeks. We are our own little support group. I thought maybe they would like a blanket for their kiddos too. Of course, I didn't want to impose or assume that they would. I sent them some photos and asked them if they would like one and they seemed very excited. One of them even suggested that I let the Yahoo group know about these blankets. If other families wanted one, I could charge them for it and it would help raise some money for this adoption. I have never considered this before because they have all been a labor of love. I am still considering that suggestion, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post some photos here just for fun.

And yes, one of them is of Bill and D wrapped in the blanket I made and left for him on Trip 1. You can't really see D very well, which is why I felt it is ok to post it. My, my, how big, grown men turn to mush when they fall in love with their babies.


Monica said...

The blankets are beautiful! and your baby and the other little one in the background are precious too!!!

I'd really like a blanket if you do start making them for others. Keep me posted!

Wishing the last bit of journey to hurry and SPEED up so we can see LOTS of pics of YOU with your little one.

Hilary Marquis said...

You do lovely work. My mom crochets, but I don't have the same talent for it. And from what I can see, D is absolutely precious!

Unknown said...

I love the one with the pocket! I tried to make 2 when I was expecting Ashtyn...I finished them, but they are not exactly square :) Yours a beautiful!

Jackie said...

These blankets are fabulous, Ivy. Please do let us know if you decide to make a small business out if your talent.

I am also sending good thoughts that you will have some news soon...bringing you closer to your son.

Anonymous said...

your blankets are beautiful ivy! thinking about you always. love mere and ted

Margaret and Tom said...

I love your blankets! They are beautiful. I hope you get to travel soon and wrap D in those great blankets!

Maria said...

What beautiful work you do!! I love them. If you decide to start selling, let me know, ok? I'm praying for a quick (well, anything would be quicker than this!) court date so you can travel back to pick up D. He is gorgeous!! I can't imagine how hard this is for you! BIG {{{HUGS}}}.