Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Duck Needs a Haircut

Who are these callous mofo judges who don't seem to comprehend or care that there are babies involved here? They are waiting to come home, have been waiting to come home for some time now, and there are families who wait to get them home and will love them forever. How callous are these mofo's that week by week, they tell us our case will not be heard. I have the flu, there is a holiday, I'm at a seminar, my baby is sick, I am lazy, I am on a power trip, I couldn't care less about these orphans, my lunchbreak went a day long, my toenail hurts?? (Ok, I took a little liberty after after 'my baby is sick') But anyway, WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

No court, again!!! This time, apparently, the judge was at a seminar... What is next? My duck needs a haircut??


Gen 's Family Story said...

Good humor Ivy!!! We all need a new perspective in what goes on in international adoption. My hubby is still crabbing about the lousy border crossing, and I keep telling him, no need, quit being ungrateful for where you are!!
We are praying that the court date will be soon!

Unknown said...

OK, I know it's not supposed to be funny... but you have to admit, crested ducks are hysterical (I have had several) I'm currently trying to find a Sebastapol duck (do a search, it should make you giggle or at least smile).

But seriously... what gives? I can't believe you're still waiting and I don't blame you for coming completely unglued! I cannot imagine how your heart hurts and aches over this fiasco and I hope it is resolved soon.

I would tell you to go egg a tree or something (ok, I live on a farm, I have excess eggs and it's great stress relief) but your neighbors might think you've really lost it.

Ivy Lee said...

Shea,I ended up looking up Sebastopol geese. They are also quite interesting. They are the shag carpet of geese aren't they?

We live in a condo development and there are lots of seniors here. I just don't think they will see the humor in the egg stains.

My sifu is on maternity leave so I haven't exactly been able to punch and kick bags recently. That may be contributing to my craziness. For now, it's the blankets and me.

Unknown said...

You know, after I typed duck I thought... wait... it's a goose. My mind... it's a fleeting....

Your blankets are loverly and probably a more productive way to deal with anger and stress than egg bashing :)

Unknown said...

Hey Ivy, could you send me an email, I need to ask you something :) tapsalteerie(at)


MiddleClass Mama said...

I love that you said Mofo. That's my word too!