Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Family came from Southern California to celebrate Dylan's 2nd birthday. Dylan opened some presents early, like his new red vintage play kitchen and chef's accessories.

We held a smallish birthday celebration at Hap Magee Ranch Park. Family and friends, hot weather, grilling, summer fun and cake.

Candles freaked Dylan out even though we have tried to practice at home for the last couple of weeks.

Enjoying some red velvet cake with Uncle Hil.

Where are all the kids?

After some fun in the water.

Exhausted in Mommy's arms

How does that song go? "I'm too sexy for my diaper, too sexy for Danville, ..."

Then we continued to celebrate with family at home. What a perfect birthday celebration for a 2 year old.


Jeanne said...

Wow! Looks like a fabulous birthday! Love his kitchen!

Margaret and Tom said...

Happy Birthday D! I love the pictures of him playing in his kitchen! M loves to play kitchen/cooking/food too, so we will have to get together for a playdate (if only we lived closer!). Don't tell but we have a kitchen set waiting for M for Christmas!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Dylan! Love that snazzy kitchen :)

April + Eric said...

Gosh Dylan is growing up so fast...great to check in and see him and you all!