Friday, August 28, 2009

23 months in 2 days

I can't believe Dylan is going to be 23 months on Sunday. I've been blog lazy, but well, we've been kind of busy in the last month or so, but to give you an idea, here is what we've been up to.

Hanging out at Auntie Kay's and Uncle Tom's, enjoying the beautiful summer weather, and playing in the blow up pool in swim diapers that are on backwards (thanks to Mom).

For the record, Mommy had NOTHING to do with putting this outfit on Dylan. This is all DAD.

Playing with trucks at the museum

Trying on dad's hat

Putting stickers on the mirror

Putting stickers on himself

Playing so hard and falling asleep

Making sure the house is a wreck and laundry is never folded

Eating eggrolls on the go...

Hiding under sheets

Shopping for a new family car

Playing big boy in the front seat of the new car (don't worry, we weren't driving at the time)

Sorting plastic containers for hours with grandma

Getting a new haircut (thanks to Dad, Uncle Paul, Uncle Hil and a trusty clipper)

And attending a family wedding

You get the idea! Wheeewwww! I am tired and going to bed now.

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Maria said...

Can I just go ahead and work out an arranged marriage between D and E now? He is too stinking cute and I LOVE his new haircut!!