Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Things I Want to Remember

Time has a way of blurring the details. I decided that I need to find a way to remember things about our life with our little man. What better venue than this blog about him.

Today, I decided that I want to remember our Tuesday Mommy and Dylan Trader Joe's shopping trips. I've been taking him to TJ's with me each week after I pick him up from daycare. The initial trips were great. I would put him in my Ergo carrier and shop the whole time with him strapped to me. He would smile at strangers and make them talk to him. We could never get out of there without people just stopping to be delighted by him. Sometimes he would fall asleep against my chest.

Then, as he got closer to the one year mark, I put him in the shopping cart. Thanks to my friend Isabel whose wonderful shopping cart cover I am using, he has a germ free experience and I am not constantly imagining little critters invading my son's immune system. The first shopping cart trip was fun for him. He enjoyed being carted around the grocery store and patting his little watermelon that I placed next to him.

However, as the novelty wore off and he got more mobile, he started to become impatient while sitting there. Entering toddlerhood could also have something to do with it. Whatever the case may be, he now wants off the cart after 5 minutes. That is, until I keep him busy by giving him snacks. That is actually the memory I want to record here, the reason I am writing this post.

Dylan will actually spend the whole time shopping with me contentedly if I give him snacks. It is now our routine to stop at the sample table, drink a tiny cup of soymilk that is there for the coffee sampling table and open some kind of package so that Dylan can eat while we shop. Some weeks I gave him vanilla wafers, one week he had a stick of cheddar cheese, another week, he had mini cheese sandwich crackers, then mini peanut butter sandwich crackers. And today, apple slices. As for the samples we have tasted together, that now includes pecan pie, turkey meat balls sandwich, pomegranate juice, chocolate dunking cookies, sweet potato casserole, and I am sure I have forgotten others. I just love this little tidbit about our TJ trips. I want to remember it forever.

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Unknown said...

We don't have a TJ close by but there's one near my brother's house that we visit everytime we go there (my brother thinks we only visit to go to the TJ's!)

Anyway... wait til he's older and can do the treasure hunt. When I go with my niece and nephews they spend the entire trip looking for all the treasure items and then they get a treat from one of the clerks at the end... keeps them from getting bored with the shopping.

I was just looking thru one of my old journals from when Sophie was a tiny thing and I wrote alot of things about what she ate, where we went, how she reacted to things and it's so great to re-read now that's she's almost 9!