Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day at the Beach

We were planning on going to Yosemite to go camping with Auntie Kay this weekend. However, we weren't sure if the fires there that are currently burning will make the air terrible for a baby to breath. So, at the last minute, we all thought better of it and decided not to go.
Instead we figured it would be a good weekend to try out his cute swim diapers. We headed out to Alameda's Crown Beach and met up with Suzanne and Steven who rode their bikes there.

This is getting redundant, but as usual, Dylan had a good time sitting in the water with Bill and playing in his sunshade. He even took his afternoon nap in the comfort of the sunshade and breeze.


Jeanne said...

Looks like a great time for Dylan, and the grownups, too. He looks very sporty in his beach outfit!

Maria said...

Dylan is SUCH a happy baby, isn't he? I love seeing photos of him as he is ALWAYS smiling!

Suzanne said...

He's a regular fish, he is!

Hey, did you guys make an appt. to check out that house across the street from me?????


Jes said...

OH man, that looks like so much fun :)

Gen 's Family Story said...

what a cute water baby:) i'm giving you an award but won't do it tell later but you can check my blog for a sneak peak!

Jackie said...

I just caught up on all your posts, Ivy. Dylan looks so happy with his new family!! I know you are loving and cherishing all these wonderful moments :)

BTW, where did you find that shade gizmo that Dylan is sitting/napping in?


Margaret and Tom said...

Wow, he looks right at home at the beach! Such a cute swim suit :)