Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 1st Fourth of July to Dylan

What a wonderful 4th of July we have had today with family and friends.

Our friend Sue invited us for this hike at Castle Ranch Park and it turned out that we had a party of seven altogether. We started the hike (Dylan's first) with him riding on dad's back on a baby backpack. Bill was a really great dad trucking up the steep pitch on the first 30 minutes of the hike. We didn't actually plan on hiking that trail. We were supposed to meet up with a hiking group but we showed up late so the seven of us winged it and found out later that the trail the group took was much gentler. Dylan enjoyed himself thoroughly, looking around, enjoying the mild weather, and blowing raspberry bubbles that I am sure mostly landed on dad's neck. This went on hitch free until it was time to feed him. Thank goodness for the Ergo carrier. It was mom's turn. He rode in front of me and sucked on his bottle while we were hiking and he seemed to really like that too, so much so that he took a nap shortly after and just kept on sleeping until we got to the vehicle at the end of the hike.

Then this afternoon, our friend Stephanie came over to just chill out with Dylan (and Bill and me - is there such a thing anymore?) and have some 4th of July dogs and other yummy stuff. Dylan was of course on his best behavior, loving all the attention. Then around 5, this little boy got to spend some quality time with Auntie Kay and Uncle Tom and we ate some more stuff. Dylan got so much attention today, he went to bed at 7:30, which is absolutely perfect for mom and dad because we got to clean up, reflect on the wonderful day we have had, and just sit spend our own quality time with our computers :)

Leaving the house, he looked a little uncertain about this contraption.

"I love to hike, especially when Dad does all the hard work."

"I don't think you are going fast enough, Dad."

No need to stop for breakfast, he eats while Mom hikes.

Enjoying the picnic table

Relaxing on the ride home. Hiking is hard work.


Margaret and Tom said...

So cute, love those big Dylan smiles :) Sounds like a great 1st 4th of July for Dylan!

Maria said...

Oh Ivy, he looks so healthy and happy. BUT... I couldn't believe you put him on that "drafty" picnic table; he might catch cold. *tee hee* He is still just SO adorable.

Gen 's Family Story said...

It looks like too much fun!! And Dylan loves it!! Happy 4th to you all!

Lisa Brotherton said...

Can you believe how far you have come in the last 7 months!
It is so gratifying to see these photos.

Clare and Jerry said...

Oh my gosh, these are great! Love, love, love the hiking shots. So happy to see Dylan enjoying the best of summer in the good 'ol US of A ; ) God Bless Him!