Tuesday, November 6, 2007

CIS Here We Come

It feels like we have been holding our breath for a while, waiting, waiting, waiting to be told we could submit our CIS application. Today, we got some good news so I am making sure to celebrate these milestones.

1) We just green light to submit our CIS application. It's been a long wait and our social worker finally cleared us to go ahead and mail it in. Believe me when I say that this will be happening first thing tomorrow.

2) The other good news is that our social worker also told us he would have our homestudy ready this week. This means we will need to step it up on the Kyrgyzstan dossier. As soon as we get the CIS clearance, the intent is to have the dossier ready to go and sent to Washington to be submitted to Kyrgyzstan.

3) Not only did we make some headway with the homestudy and CIS application, our placement agency social worker who I will refer to as "K" also told us that she didn't think we would have to wait long for a referral. Now I know that it doesn't mean anything because these are just her thoughts and nothing is certain. And truthfully, I'm trying very hard not to feel like we are racing against the clock because so many more families are catching on to the Kyrgyzstan program, jumping ship from their China application due to the ridiculous wait times. But her words were encouraging. We can only do our best and hope that we come home with our little one sooner than later.

So, today really is a good day on the adoption front, best one yet so far...

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