Thursday, October 25, 2007

Me, a Blogger?? Why not!

I was never one who could keep a diary. I would attempt to start one but found it silly to talk to a notebook to tell it about how my day went. After a while, I just figured I'm one of those people who do not keep diaries. I am one who will attempt to memorialize all the details and feelings in my brain and my heart. So I never thought it would come to this. I have decided to join the ranks. I have started a blog, for the sake of memorializing our adoption journey to our little munchkin. And what better time to do that than today.

Until today, not much had really sunk in. It didn't sink in when we paid for a homestudy. It didn't sink in when we submitted a bunch of paperwork about the most minute details of our lives to our agency. It didn't sink in when we officially applied to a placement agency who will be working on our behalf to find our baby in Kyrgyzstan. It didn't even sink in when weI sent another rather large check to yet another agency. It didn't sink in when we got the email containing a draft of our California homestudy.

It sank in today, as I read our homestudy draft and emailed our social worker in regards to some minor details that needed to be corrected. It sank in because I realized these details mattered because this homestudy will define us in the eyes of the CIS. It sank in because it is the same set of words that will be translated to Russian, so that the Kyrgyz government can decide if we are good enough human beings worthy of being entrusted with a precious little life for love and support. It sank in because when I read about Bill and me on these pages, I see two people who are ready for this journey, this responsibility and this privelege. It sank in because for the first time, it stopped being surreal, and became real. It sank in...

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