Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Thoughts

Yes, I know I'm almost a week late. I just wanted to remember my first official Mother's Day. It was actually pretty low key. I was actually out all weekend on a girls trip to Napa. We planned it even before we realized that it was Mother's Day weekend. It was a great trip. Good wines, good food, good company and glorious weather. I almost didn't go because Dylan started to develop a fever the night before we were to leave. However, at the last minute, I felt at peace that his daddy would never let anything awful happen to him.

We came home in time for a small celebration of Mother's day. I told Bill that all I wanted was my car washed and serviced, no more, no less. I got what I wanted.

My mom sent me a fruit bouquet and a card and that was very sweet.

My sister, Marie, sent me a cake, which is literally and figuratively very sweet.

My other siblings and cousin donated to Possibilities International in my honor. Perfect!

However, when I really think about this, it boils down to the fact that it is Mother's Day for me everyday. I am Dylan's mother. That is the most wonderful gift of all, and I get that gift each and every day.


Jackie said...

I will toast to that!!! Happy Belated First Mother's Day, Ivy.

Unknown said...

I prefer to think of every day as Mother's Day too :)

Julie and John Wright said...

Hi Ivy
Thank you so much for thinking of us at this special time ... We have recieved several donations in your behalf.. I have just fallen weeks behind in my correspondance... you have seen how things go but is a good thing... there will be time to write whenn I get back to Canada next week... but for now I wanted you to know how much I appreciat your support... this trip has not been quite the same with out you and Bill here with us ... The kids still ask about you as well... thanks again
Blessings john