Monday, April 20, 2009

The Little Piggy in the Mud

It was super hot this past Sunday so we headed out to the beach to let Dylan have some fun in the sun and the water. We got there when the tide was extremely low so we knew it would be muddy. We knew Dylan loves to frolick in the water but it also turns out Dylan loves mud! The day was not without squealing in delight at the mud puddles and the small waves that licked his legs as he sat at the water's edge.

I bet most kids love mud but I thought it was so appropriate that Dylan does as he was born in the year of the pig in Chinese astrology. Our little piggy!!

After we got enough mud and sun, we headed over to the Bay Area Discovery Museum for some rinsing and some indoor fun.

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Hilary Marquis said...

Boys are all about the mud! And he wears it so well :)