Monday, February 23, 2009

Recovering From All Sorts of Stuff

We have been on a month-long recovery plan. No, no, I'm not talking about the stimulus package. I'm talking about our month-long recovery from being sick.

Bill has had a cough for about a month now and is on the tail-end of that awful thing. He was very sick a day or so before his 50th birthday celebration.

I have been trying to kick the same bug, although it didn't hit me as hard.

The most terrible thing is that Dylan got it too. He didn't seem to suffer as much from the bug at first but on the second week of having this cold, I thought he had an ear infection for sure. I was right. He was on 10 days of antibiotics only to develop a very high fever last Wednesday on day 10 of his meds. Try 104.5!! I came home from a business function and went into the room to just look in on him and touch him goodnight. He was burning hot. Between the time dad put him to bed and the time I came home, he developed this scary high fever. He woke up around midnight and acted like nothing was wrong. He was in a good mood and ready to play.

At midnight, after having been on the phone on hold for 20 minutes for an advise nurse, I finally got on the phone with a live person who spent 20 minutes just telling me to give him Tylenol or Motrin and sent a message to Dylan's doctor.

Fast forward to the next day. Mom and Dad were sleep deprived and had to stay home from work because we didn't want to take Dylan into daycare with his fever still soaring as soon as the Tylenol started to wear off. We finally get an appointment for 4:30 to see his doctor. We get there and the nurse takes his temperature and sees it is still ringing in at 102. She proceeds to tell us he is hot. No shit, really? And then she proceeds to ask us why we were there...

After the doctor examined him, we found out that he still has an ear infection in one ear and that this particular strain of bacteria has probably become immune to the first anitionbiotics. Hence, a stronger and different kind of antibiotic was prescribed. I am not one who loves antibiotics but ok, if it is necessary, here we go again.

Fast forward to 3 days later (yesterday) and he all of a sudden develops a rash on his tummy. We suspect it was a reaction to the new meds. A quick call to the advise nurse and we are off the antibiotics, on Benadryl and another message to his doctor.

Today, Bill had the day off and took him back for another exam. He no longer has an ear infection so off the antibiotics to see what happens.

OK, we are exhausted. Here is to a better week/month/quarter of better health.

On a sweet note, Dylan has developed this love of dancing with mommy. From time to time, he wants me to hold him and bounce around like we are dancing together, mostly to the Jack Johnson Curious George album. It was meant to be a fun activity. Instead, it relaxes him and he sometimes will fall asleep while we are dancing. He would press his cheek against mine, suck him thumb with one hand, hold his froggie with the other and then will doze off. He has now learned to point at the iPod and the player when he wants to dance with mommy. Tonight I danced with him for about 20 minutes (thank goodness for the Ergo carrier because after 10 minutes, my arms start to slip and go numb). He didn't fall asleep while dancing but he was so relaxed that when I put him in bed he went straight to sleep. What a great privelege to be his mommy!


Maria said...

Hoping you guys are on the other side of sick now. I'm fighting the flu. It's winning. :-( Thank goodness that so far no one else has it. Both J. and E. had flu shots. Kevin did not. Time will tell, I suspect. Hugs to D.

Jackie said...

Poor Dylan, and poor mom & dad. I wonder if Dylan had roseola...the rash is part of the virus. That's what the Dr. suspects Nola had during her first ER visit. She did get the rash, but so mild that if I hadn't heard about it from another family, I might have missed it.

In any case, glad to hear things are looking up for all of you. Be well :)