Monday, April 14, 2008

Do I Deserve this Gift?

I just caught up on reading blogs and realized that Gen C. had given me the "you make the world a better place" award (a few weeks ago). We've been in a funk over the court delays and I haven't kept up very well on anyone's blog or reading the Yahoo group posts.

Be that as it may, I want to say thanks to Gen. Judging from my own actions lately, I don't feel so deserving. I have been just trying to keep my chin up. I've been so unmotivated to do anything lately, just sick to my stomach in aching to go back and hold Dylan again. I don't feel like I have touched the world in a positive way at all. I've been depressed, bitchy and dare I admit, self centered in my gloom about what has been going on.

Reading that Gen sent the gift to me made me realize that there is more to me than the sulking, somber, sometimes very distraught Ivy that I have become. That vital person I strive to be will be back, I promise. I am hoping for it to be sooner rather than later. Just please bring Dylan home soon, that is all I ask.

In the meantime, I am passing the gift to other fellow bloggers and non-bloggers alike who I really feel do make the world a better place.

Karen Danner - Claire's Mommy
Kat Howell - Charlie's Mommy (though she may never know if her laptop issues don't get resolved soon)
Kim Humphrey- Lilyana's Mommy
Margaret Lake - Milana Grace's Mommy
Shea Black - Xander and Beckett's Mommy (she may have already gotten this gift several times :)

OK, but I can't just limit this to fellow KG adoptive mommies. I also have to give props to my dearest friends and family members who I think are deserving. Lamar, Jackie H (JJ's Mommy), Elena Van Loo, Joanne (my sis), Mary S., and Stephanie O.

You ladies rock!!! Thanks for the cheerleading, the info, the virtual commiserating and being altogether inspirational.


Margaret and Tom said...

Thank you Ivy! You are sweet to give me that honor :) You made my evening! I was looking at D's pictures again, he is just tooooo cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ivy ;) Never apologize for the she-bear instincts... you just want your baby home with you and that's a good thing :)

Unknown said...

We're all happy and excited about the good news. " At Last"...Can't wait to see that curios look on little Dylan's face when he gets to see all of us...his family!!! Have a safe flight and hurry home :)