Friday, January 4, 2008

Blab blab blabbing and venting about CIS

This wait is proving to be very tough for us. We say it every night before we go to bed. We want the baby to be here already, and then we get very sad that we can't hold him in our arms.

In the meantime, we are getting the house ready, putting in new floors, researching travel options, registering for more gifts, and coordinating baby shower stuff with friends and family who will be throwing them. We are also both just baby picture gazing a lot. We took about 300 over the 3-days we were there. Maybe a little obsessive but I love that we have so many to look at now that we are home waiting for trip 2.

OK and here is where I vent about the CIS. Since we have come home from trip 1, we've been bugging our social worker regarding how we can find out where our I-171 approval is. First he asked us to check with FBI to make sure they have sent in our fingerprint reports. Bill called and the report was sent on the same day we did them. Next, we get a phone call on Wednesday from our social worker telling us that CIS hasn't done much or anything at all since Dec. 12. The Orphan Petitions department is going through a transition with the old director leaving and the new one being in training over the last couple of weeks. The new director doesn't start until next week and the old one's last day was a few days ago. To make matters worse, the other staff person who actually processes the applications have been on vacation since Dec. 12. No one can say exactly when she will be back. Perhaps Thursday, perhaps Friday, or maybe next week. During all of this, they never bothered to make sure someone was filling in. As one of my friends said, there are so many unemployed people out there, you would think they could find someone to help keep things moving. No, they merely snoozed on all these families' applications, never considering how important this is to all these families. It's just insane that they feel that is acceptable planning on their part. I am so incensed at this and so afraid it will cause us to delay our dates to pickup D. Until the staff person comes back from vacation, we don't even have anyone to ask. Perhaps the next call should be to our congressman. I wonder if that will help speed things up. I guess right now, we have no choice but to wait until next week in hopes that the person on vacation comes back and can tell us where we are in the que.

So for now, we are still hoping that we will be able to travel in February, and planning for that. I hope I hope I hope.


mel@livvyloowho said...

I called our congressman and within 3 days I had our 171. Definitely call them, it helps! Seriously, look up their numbers today and all Monday morning. Keep us posted!

Lisa Brotherton said...

Oh, Ivy,
I am so sorry. I think I'd be climbing the walls.
I just checked the CIS site for Sacramento (which is where we will deliver our paperwork) and as of Dec. 14, they were finalizing Sept 19th applications. I did not know it could take 3 months!
I would absolutely make my voice heard if they do not get busy quick!
Lisa B
(BTW... That frustration is your "mother bear" speaking!)

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're homestudy people aren't being a better help. We were spoiled with ours as she went above and beyond to get things done quickly for us.
I would definitely call your congressman. For one it'll make you feel better to be doing something, and for another it might just get a fire under that CIS office... you never know :)

Gen 's Family Story said...

We had to wait for our CIS too. It's not such a great feeling to depend on someone else so that you can get on with life...300 pictures!!! We can't wait to see some of them:) I'm glad you have those to look at in this slow motion yet flying by time to your son!!!

mel@livvyloowho said...

Did you ever call your congressmans office?

Sloan said...

Oh Ivy, I am so sorry you are having to face this. I can just feel the ache for D to be in your arms NOW! Bless you as you wait...I am praying for you!

littlebluecottage said...

This makes things sooo hard. Keep on them with lots of phone calls. I think it helps.