Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Thoughts

Yes, I know I'm almost a week late. I just wanted to remember my first official Mother's Day. It was actually pretty low key. I was actually out all weekend on a girls trip to Napa. We planned it even before we realized that it was Mother's Day weekend. It was a great trip. Good wines, good food, good company and glorious weather. I almost didn't go because Dylan started to develop a fever the night before we were to leave. However, at the last minute, I felt at peace that his daddy would never let anything awful happen to him.

We came home in time for a small celebration of Mother's day. I told Bill that all I wanted was my car washed and serviced, no more, no less. I got what I wanted.

My mom sent me a fruit bouquet and a card and that was very sweet.

My sister, Marie, sent me a cake, which is literally and figuratively very sweet.

My other siblings and cousin donated to Possibilities International in my honor. Perfect!

However, when I really think about this, it boils down to the fact that it is Mother's Day for me everyday. I am Dylan's mother. That is the most wonderful gift of all, and I get that gift each and every day.